Slab Repair

Concrete slabs are meant to last virtually forever right? If not forever at least somewhere around 50 years. At least that is what your pavement company is going to tell you. We want to share a secret with you that we know concrete paving companies are never going to want to tell you. Hardly any of the structures that they put up will get to that 50-year mark. Most of the times you are going to have to touch up the surface at least after every couple of years. Especially if we are talking about a parking lot or anything like that, that will get a lot of traffic. If you need to “touch things up” we can help!

Different Types of Cracks

There are certain things that you are going to need to know so that you can spot the perfect time to give us a call. The first thing that we want to talk about is the different types of cracks that form in the concrete. We usually tell people to not sleep on cracks. Even a very small one can get big quickly especially if gets a lot of traffic on it whether it be cars or people walking on it. Knowing how to spot the crack that can lead to a major problem is key!

Heading Down To The Original Floor

We could say that 9 times out of 10 when you have a major concrete slab issue the problem is going to be coming from the soil below the concrete. If the problem shows up within the first months or years even that the concrete was placed you can almost bet that mistakes were made during the installation process. What we need to do is remove the concrete slab and even out the soil below so that it won’t be giving you fits!

What Is Running Under The Concrete?

One of the reasons that concrete slabs tend to break off or develop cracks has to do with what is going on underneath the concrete. In this case, we are particularly focused on the amount of moisture that may be running underneath the concrete. This can be caused by a faulty pipe system or at times even by heavy rain that is not draining properly. These are things that you should definitely watch out for. We can help you spot and fix pier beam and any type of issue that may be causing some trouble.

Making The Right Decision

You have a broken concrete slab so you just replace it and you can be fine right? That is not exactly how it works. As we mentioned there are different aspects that can come into play and affect your concrete slabs. What we can do that most other companies won’t be able to do is to give you a correct diagnosis so that you can make the best decision. At times there is no sense in just dealing with one part of the concrete when you know that you are going to have more trouble down the line regardless of what you do!