Pier & Beam Repair

We could actually call this service our main service. A lot of the other things that we do have evolved from this main service that we provide. That being said, there is this notion going around that these types of foundations are not as common anymore. It may be a bit true, but here in Lewisville, we have a lot of homes with crawl spaces and other areas like that, that incorporate these types of foundations. There are a lot of factors that can come into play and actually ruin these foundations or at the very least wear them down excessively!

When Was The Last Time That You Had It Checked?

When was the last time that you had your foundation checked? At the very least when was the last time that you peeked into your crawl space? It could be years for some people. That alone is enough to bring forth issues that are going to need someone to resolve them of course. Just based on the build-up of pests and mold that can occur in these areas it would be a good idea to have them checked regularly. By regularly we may mean every 6 months or so at least. Especially if we are talking about older homes.

You Are Literally Seeing The Effects

In the worst case scenario, you can actually see your home sort of shifting. Your floors are going to be weaker. There are certain signs that you should definitely not ignore. The more that you ignore them the bigger the problem you may find yourself in long term. If you have water running through your crawl space that can also indicate a drainage issue and again letting that develop will result in a major problem down the line.

Free Estimates

What is our solution to your problems? We just talked about getting your foundation checked every six months and we know, that a lot of your probably scratching your heads thinking that is too much. What if we told you though, that if you gave us a call these check-ups won’t cost you a thing? So, let’s try this again. We provide free estimates that do not obligate you to work with us at any time in the future. We can literally just point out the problem that you may have on your hands and be on our way. Knowing that, why wouldn’t you call?

Adding Support

At times the problem with these foundations is just their age. A lot of the original beams are pretty worn down. In these cases what we can do is literally add new and better support. The process can be a little bit risky no doubt. You are working with professionals though, so that should not be something that worries you a whole lot. The idea is to make sure that with this new support the home will be able to hold up. At times we will replace parts of the foundation that are in place when possible.