​​House Leveling

Have you been to a restaurant where you are sitting a table that seems unstable and then a waiter comes by and “levels it out” by putting a piece of cardboard or something similar underneath it? First of all, you may start thinking about going to fancier places! Just kidding, but what is for real is the fact that there are many things that could cause this problem. Maybe the floor underneath is not level, or there is some form of problem with the table itself. We use this analogy because talking directly about this happening to your home can be a pretty scary thought!

Act Quickly

Some of the clear signs that your home may have a problem can be found in cracks in the walls within the house. Floors will look and feel uneven. In the worst case scenario, the difference will be so great that the home may be in danger of total collapse if nothing is done to fix the problem quickly. It is very important to act quickly and give us a call when you start noticing some of these signs. One crack will probably not lead your home to the grave so to speak, but as they say, one thing could lead to another very quickly!

Adding Support Systems

In some of the toughest cases what we are going to have to do is actually lift the home from its original location and hold it up temporarily with artificial beams. This is where we are going to have to make a decision. At times what we may do is add support to the structure. When the problem that you are facing is more related to an old foundation that is just giving out based on the fact that it has run its course basically adding support may just do the trick!

Preparing The Soil

Soil erosion is a real issue that you have to account for when building homes. It is actually the main cause of foundation issues. Now, we cannot completely stop soil from eroding as it is a naturally occurring process. What we can do is put in soil that we know will not erode away so easily. A lot of times companies will bring in new soil to contrast with the existing soil that was in the area where the property stands naturally. Failed calculations in this process when the home was built in the first place can lead to some of the more complex problems down the road.

Finding The True Nature of The Problem

What happens to a lot of people is that they can literally feel that there is something wrong with their home, but they do not really know who can help them find out what the problem is. As we always tell people we can be the ones to help you determine what the true problem with your property actually is. Just give us a call we will come check everything out and let you know what we find.