Commercial Foundation Repair

Foundation problems usually have similar starting points and working with different foundations is not big a deal because the concepts that rule over the way that they are made are very similar. That being said, when it comes to commercial services things are completely magnified. Everything gets bigger. The weight of the structure that we are going to have to deal with expands considerably. Going with a company that has been there and done that plenty of times before really brings an advantage to you as the property owner. First and foremost we are going to make sure that the building itself is safe!

Don’t Risk Your Investment

It may seem like an obvious thing to say, but you should not wait until your building is leaning like the famous tower of Pisa to give us a call. Being proactive about the care of your building can really have its benefits in the long run. A lot of cities actually require that you have at least an inspection of the venue every so often. So we actually help you kill off two birds with one stone here. You are making sure that your building stays upright and you are avoiding any type of legal issue.

Size & Weight Of The Structure

Obviously, we are not going to throw around numbers over the phone. Especially for people that are looking for us to provide this type of service. That said we may require some very basic details about the structure. That way we know the type of building that we may be dealing with. So, when you call knowing, the size and weight of the structure can really help us keep the conversation going. In any case, though we won’t make any recommendations or anything like that until we have looked at the building first hand!

Will The Building Be Off Limits

The world of business tends to revolve around dollar signs and we know that. Having a building off limits for some companies is going to represent some losses or some extra expenses at the very least. This is something that we are very much aware of and we intend to help you cope with. For starters, not every single job that we can get done to a building is going to require that you evacuate everyone. If that is the case though we will find a way to set up reasonable deadlines to have your building operational as soon as possible.

Working On Legal Requirements

There are certain legal requirements that we may have to fulfill just to be able to set foot in your building. Going with a local company can really make the whole process of getting permits and things like that a lot quicker and easier to solve. Again, we are a company that has been around the block a few times already. You can expect a fully professional service through and through. We want to help don’t hesitate to call or contact us!