​About Us

​When you are working with foundations you need to be able to work under pressure properly. That is as much a figurative statement as it is a literal one. The staff that works on all of our projects have been in the industry for many years and counting. That is really something that we could say defines us as a company. You are getting a team of people to work on your particular problem that has been there before. When it comes to something as delicate as dealing with foundations and concrete floors that experience really goes a long way.

We could say that part that we talked about in the last paragraph was just the “technical” side of things. The reason though that we take a little more time to choose the people that work with us is that we don’t only look at do they know how to work under pressure. It is a combination of knowing your trade through and through and also knowing how to talk to and relate to people. There are a lot of companies out there that can get the job done, but the whole experience of working with them is not going to be a pleasant one. We really put a lot of emphasis on keeping you in the loop of what we are doing. Trying to explain why we do what we do in ways that make sense to you. If you are informed you can make good decisions and you are going to feel like the service that we have provided is the correct one. Contact us today for more info.